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Truly Two-ly Twipsy is the forty-eighth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.


Little Henry hits a key on the computer so that Twipsy gets duplicated during data transfer from the real world to the cyberworld. Unknown to Twipsy, his double is a trouble maker, and the other messengers think Twipsy himself up to no good. But the trouble really starts when Twipsy 1 and Twipsy 2 meet in cyber-jail. Because in the real world, Henry is busy at the computer again ...[1]


Mort-Ray: (to Twipsy 2) You really shouldn't do that, Twipsy! It's against the rules!

Twipsy 2: Who cares about rules?

(Twipsy 2 is laughing madly while playing chess)

Mort-Ray: You are in such big trouble!

Twipsy 2: Nah! Look over there!

(Mort-Ray looks to the side, and Twipsy 2 cheats)

Twipsy 2: I won!

Mort-Ray: I guess I can't worry about you. What happened to your nose? Ouch!

Twipsy 2: Travel accident, I guess.

Information Control: Maybe you think this sort of information is funny, but we at Information Control don't, and neither did poor Ga-Zonk. Just look at the results of your little prank.

(Information Control shows the results of Twipsy 2's prank to Twipsy 1)

Twipsy 1: I have nothing to do with that, sir.

Information Control: That is not what our sources at Crawl Patrol tell us.

Information Control (Yellow): Put him in jail! Come on! You never put anyone in jail! A perfectly good jail's going to waste!

Information Control: We expect the finest from our messengers. If you are seen engaging in any other activities but work, there will be grave consequences. Is that clear?

Twipsy 1: Yes, sir.


  • Both duplicates of Twipsy have different nose shapes to tell each one apart - the trouble maker Twipsy has a sharply pointed nose, and the innocent, working Twipsy has a squared off shape missing.
  • We also learn of Ga-Zonk’s request to overtake Twipsy’s job to Information Control (and his frustration when his request is rejected)


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