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The Bark is Worse than the Byte is the fortieth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

Synopsis Edit

Lissie builds a website for Champ - or rather, it is built by Jack and Jill, the cyberspace online construction workers. Just for fun, they change the home page to say that all the pet owners in town are invited to a party at the Walkers' home. This is no laughing matter for Nick and Lissie's grandfather, who has come to visit, because he's allergic to animals. But Twipsy has a good idea...[1]


Twipsy FriendlyGhost

Twipsy the Friendly Ghost

Twipsy stars in a simple drape-sheet ghost costume in this episode, see Observations down the list for details.
  • This is the first time Twipsy is seen disguised in other forms - he disguises himself as Champ the dog, albeit more enthusiastic.
  • The episode title is a wordplay pun - the computing term, byte (a measure of data) compared with an animal term, bite.

References Edit

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