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Service Station (location)

ServiceStation AlleyOops.png

Vital statistics
Description Road stop structures with bar furniture and a large screen
Location Randomly placed alongside numerous cyberhighways
Purpose To serve as socialisation and gathering hubs for cybermessengers' to nourish and recharge cybermessengers for their next work shift
Realm Cyberspace

A service station is a specific location in the realm of cyberspace. They appear in the form of roadstops and are primary hubs for numerous cybermessengers to socialise, recharge through energy shakes and view screen savers while waiting out for the next work shift.


A service station usually takes the form of a road stop bar, set up with bar furniture (a countertop and barstools) and propped against an information screen where screen savers or news updates would play. Buttons are installed on the countertop which, when pressed, would serve up a batch of energy shakes for the cybermessenger.