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Peeuuugh! is the seventh 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

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Champ meets a skunk. The Walkers try all sorts of ways to get rid of the horrible smell, but in vain. The old dog will have to be banished from the house and live outside. Fearing that Champ will be lonely, Nick and Albert send her off to Twipsy in cyberspace. But even the cyber-beings can't stand the smell. This is a case for Mr. Neat and his Tidy Team...[1][2]


Spoiler Alert!

This is a detailed explanation of the episode as it follows. If you have not seen the episode as of yet, we advise you to tread carefully.

Nick and Lissie bring their dog Champ outside to introduce her to the new doghouse; being an aging dog, Champ doesn't react strongly to the doghouse, so Nick and Lissie decide to leave Champ to investigate the new doghouse herself. Unbeknownst to the Walkers, an unexpected animal - a skunk - encounters Champ, and stubbornly delivers a foul skunk spray against a worried and helpless Champ.

As events in the real world unfold following Champ's unfortunate encounter with the skunk, cyberspace remains busy as ever - at the Data Conveyor, where hundreds of the cybermessengers queue to receive their packages for delivery; Mosey, however, is tired and doesn't appear to be interested in the job, let alone stepping forward to collect his package. This leads to the impatience of the cybermesengers ("Energy beings don't feel tired!"), but Twipsy decides to pique Mosey's interest in discussing what is the matter. Dejected, Mosey quotes he'd rather lose his delivery licence, even as he claims his package. Further away at the coastal equivalent in Cyberspace, Mr Neat and his Tidy Team are happily relaxing from their job of cleaning up cyberspace - his crew are happily building "gridcastles" (in this case, the equivalent of sandcastles).

Back in the Walker's household, both Dr. Walker and Stan Walker, donning breathing masks, are armed with air fresheners to deodorise the house of the pungent skunk smell that Champ brought in the house. After coming to the conclusion that Champ carries the foul odor, the Walkers come to a conclusion that Champ may have to remain outside until the skunk smell wears off. Of course, Nick and Lissie worry that Champ will be lonely, so they decide to beam her to cyberspace through the Imprescanner, hoping that Twipsy will briefly look after her.

In the bustling world of cyberspace, however, Mosey remains lethargic during his delivery run, and decides to pull over for a rest. However, the Email Snatchers take advantage of him and steal his package. Satisfied with their catch, the Email Snatchers excitedly carry their catch over to the Data Eater's den. Further away at the coastal area in cyberspace, Mr Neat is still a little adamant that there is an important job somewhere in cyberspace that needs attending to, but alas decides to relax a little more.

Along cyberspace's highways, Twipsy (armed with a breathing mask) ushers Champ along, even with Champ's pungent skunk smell causing a chaotic effect further behind - the cybermessengers immediately react to the stench, and find it hard to carry on their jobs effectively - some even take a wrong turn to escape the smell, and even Drywell and another messenger can no longer stand the smell - they pass out. Even as Mosey frantically rushes along the highway to search for his package, he gets engulfed in the skunk smell, and gives up the search. Of course, Twipsy receives news of the chaos, and holds a discussion with Champ pertaining to the pungent skunk smell and how it is affecting the network and its workers.

Deeper into cyberspace where the Data Eater's den is situated, the skunk smell leeches deeper along the corridors. As the cyber pirates finally feed their leader, the Data Eater the package, the skunk smell hits him, and affected by the pungen odour, the Data Eater spits out the package in disgust. Miraculously, the package lands right in front of Mosey.

Meanwhile at another part of cyberspace, Twipsy has arranged with Mr Neat and the Tidy Team to give Champ the grooming needed to neutralize the pungent skunk smell, even with a furcut. By the time Champ returns to the real world, Stan Walker, who checks on Nick and Lissie with regards to Champ, is surprised by Champ's new appearance - devoid of the skunk smell, but now with short fur.


  • In line with Mariscal's signature art style, the skunk's likeness resembles that of Mariscal's notable creations, Cobi.
  • It is not known how Twipsy would have first reacted to the smell, nor how he acquired the breathing mask.


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