Twipsy Wiki

Here is a list of notable and interesting quotes as revealed in the episodes of the animated series, Twipsy.

No. Episode Name Quotation Said by who? References
1 How it Happened "Where do you think you are, Kansas?" Twipsy Subversion of the quote: "...I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" (Wizard of Oz)
2 Welcome to Cyberspace ”And you thought a nanosecond was too long!” Twipsy (lamenting being caught in the magnetic freeze set up by Crawl Patrol on the Alley Oops)
"So this is the real world, what a mess! And what's that stinky piece of fur in the corner?!" Twipsy (Refers to Nick's usually messy room, and also Champ as it is his first time encountering her)
4 The First Cyber Tail "There's nothing to be afraid of in cyberspace, not even fleas!"
"Stock market up three points, then down three points; cloud patches most of the country; budget talks yield no results, no one cares; the leaders of seven nations meet in Japan to talk about absolutely nothing..." News Reporter (Lampoons the triviality of news headlines)
"Looks like a dirty dustball to me." One member of the Tidy Team (referring to Champ)
44 Beware The Storms ”This is W-NET with an infostorm bulletin. Information Control has just declared a cyber disaster. Anyone who ventures outside of a sheltered area will be penalised and probably have something fall on top of them too.” W-NET (stressing the importance of staying in shelter during a severe cyberstorm in the area)