No, no, Know-it All! is the thirteenth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

Vox Pop


Albert is too shy to tell his school friend Rachel that he's in love with her. When other children at school tease him, it's just too much - he goes into cyberspace to have an intellectual discussion with Know-It-All. But Know-It-All turns out to be just a silly windbag, showing off by providing any amount of unnecessary information. Disgruntled, Albert goes back to the real world, and Rachel ...[1]


  • If you invert the reversed dialog of Know-It-All’s banter, the first comes out garbled, but the rest comes out as “In most languages, the name for ‘mother’ begins with M; it is illegal to own a dog in Iceland, and...”

Trivia Relevance

  • It is illegal to own a dog in Iceland In detail, this refers to a ban enacted by the city of Reykjavik since 1924 to prevent the spread of disease across Iceland. As of today, residents of Reykjavik require a permit to own a dog, and abide by strict residency, microchipping, immunisation/worming and leash laws — in short, responsible ownership.


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