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Mosey holds data packages on his back

Mosey is one of the cybermessengers who has to deliver data packages and emails in cyberspace, and is one of Twipsy's best friends.


Mosey with other messengers

Mosey looks like a shorter version of Twipsy and has:

  • A black mask
  • A yellow face
  • A big, orange nose
  • A red and white body
  • Two blue arms: One of them is skinny and has a white glove, and one of them is a bit wider and has a gold glove.
  • A blue leg with a red boot
  • A yellow leg with a black boot


Mosey isn't as fast as the other cybermessengers, and is a lot lazier. He likes to lay down and sleep instead of delivering packages in cyberspace. The fact he likes to rest also means that bad guys in cyberspace like the Email Snatchers are able to come to him. However, Mosey and Twipsy are very nice to each other; for example, they have shared each other's packages.


  • Mosey's voice is very much like Droopy and Smee in some ways.

Well-Known Phrases[]

  • "This is the cyberlife!" (Do You Want To Know a Secret?)
  • "Information Control is gonna be mad at me! (to Twipsy) And you're gonna be mad at me too!" (Do You Want To Know a Secret?)
  • "I begged Information Control to fire me! I decided it would have been a nice break! But they said it would be a bigger punishment for me to keep working." (Do You Want To Know a Secret?)

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