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Mosey is one of the cybermessengers in charge of delivering data packages and emails around cyberspace, and is one of Twipsy's close friends.


Mosey with other messengers

Resembling a shorter, diminutive version of Twipsy, Mosey has a dark mask, a yellow face and large orange nose. His body is red and white, like a six-divided checkerboard, and he has two blue arms - his right arm thin and with a white glove, and his left arm think and with a gold glove. He has two thin and differently coloured legs - a red boot on his right blue leg, and a smaller black boot on his yellow left leg.


Compared to the other cybermessengers, Mosey isn't as fast as the others, and is comparatively more laid back, often preferring rest and sleep more than his task of shuttling packages across cyberspace. His disposition to rest also leaves him vulnerable to the many hazards around Cyberspace, such as the Email Snatchers. Of course, Mosey has benefited from Twipsy's loyalty, by sharing each other's packages.

Trivial Data[]

  • Mosey's vocal patterns sound similar to external characters Droopy and Smee in some aspects.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "This is the cyberlife!" (Do You Want To Know a Secret?)
  • "Information Control is gonna be mad at me! (to Twipsy) And you're gonna be mad at me too!" (Do You Want To Know a Secret?)
  • "I begged Information Control to fire me! I decided it would have been a nice break! But they said it would be a bigger punishment for me to keep working." (Do You Want To Know a Secret?)

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Other Languages[]

Language Pronounciation Translation Voiced By
Korean 모지 도지 도우 (moji doji dou) Mosey Dosey Dough
Portuguese (Portugal) Molenga Molengão Slacker
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