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This list corresponds to the number, names and description of the episodes as follows, in both English and German titles. Note that there are two parts to a whole episode: the header (present only on half of the total episodes paired in doubles, indicated by Group number) and the main episode.


Grp. Nu. Screen Eng. Name Ger. Name
01 01
How it Happened Kurzschluss mit Folgen

(Following a Short)

While Nick Walker is playing on the computer there is a short-circuit and Nick finds himself catapulted into Cyberspace. All his sister Lissie and neighbour Albert can find are Nick's footprints - on the computer monitor. Nick meets the clever, friendly e-mail messenger Twipsy, a creature made of pure energy, who shows him the exciting world on the other side of the computer monitor.
Welcome to Cyberspace Willkommen im Cyberspace

(Welcome to Cyberspace)

Twipsy shows his new human friend Nick around the Cyber Mall and all its fantastic opportunities. But then there's trouble: Twipsy and Nick are arrested by the Cyber Police for going too slow. As a messenger, it's Twipsy's job to transport e-mails from A to B as fast as possible. Meanwhile, Albert and Lissie are desperately trying to bring Nick back home - and they succeed.
02 03
0103 TwipsyRainReaction.jpeg
Hello, real world, why'd do you have to be so wet? Heimweh


Nick, Lissie and Albert introduce Twipsy to the real world. The children are surprised to find how little Twipsy knows about it - even rain amazes him. Because of Twipsy's homesickness clever Albert has a bright idea: he builds a special scanner so Twipsy is delighted to get back to his cyberworld.
The first cyber tail Champ als Computervirus

(Champ the Computervirus)

Twipsy and Champ are traveling in cyberspace. But even in this hyperactive electro-cosmos, Champ is overcome by fatigue, and goes to sleep on the Information Highway. Mr Neat and his Tidy Team find her. As they don't know who or what Champ really is, they think they've discovered a virus, and take her off to the Cyberdump.
03 05
Do you want to know a secret? Geheim, oder was?

(Secret, or whatever?)

A robbery in cyberspace: the E-Mail Snatchers snatch an e-mail from Mosey, the laid-back e-mail messenger. It's from Albert to his school friend Rachel. The e-mail falls into the hands of Rumor Rumor and Miss Information. They distort the stolen e-mail to make it say that poor Albert's madly in love with Rachel - only Twipsy can save the day ...
Let us entertain you Twipsy, das Showtalent

(Twipsy the Show Talent)

There's a talent show in the cyberworld. Twipsy plans to sing a song and accompany himself on the guitar. Unfortunately a guitar string breaks just before the competition begins Nick has a bright idea: he offers Twipsy his new tennis racket. Twipsy sings the song to tennis racket accompaniment, and as none of the cyber-beings has ever seen a musical instrument, they all think it's wonderful ...
04 07
Peeuuugh! Champ stinkt zum Himmel

(Champ Stinks to Heaven)

Champ meets a skunk. The Walkers try all sorts of ways to get rid of the horrible smell, but in vain. The old dog will have to be banished from the house and live outside. Fearing that Champ will be lonely, Nick and Albert send her off to Twipsy in cyberspace. But even the cyber-beings can't stand the smell. This is a case for Mr. Neat and his Tidy Team ...
Twipsy0108 PapayaSmoothie.jpeg
Anything for a papaya smoothie Geld macht nicht glücklich

(Money doesn't buy happiness)

Twipsy needs plenty of money to buy papaya smoothies, his favorite drink. He thinks up a good way to get it - if other people will pay him, he'll do their work for them. The idea pays off, and soon he's busy counting his money. But there's a drawback: Twipsy's friends are cross - he is working so hard he has no time left for them ...
05 09
Twipsy0109 AlbertInfo.jpg
Chess rules! Futter für den Datenfresser

(Food for the Dataeater)

The creepy Data Eater has captured Twipsy. Albert bargains with them to get his friend released: Twipsy will be freed in exchange for a "juicy" bit of information. Albert sets to work ...
Twipsy0110 StartLine.jpg
Messengers mess up Das Cyber-Rennen

(The Cyber Race)

Champ, the rather decrepit family dog, slips into cyberspace. It's the day of the "E-mail Messenger of the Month" race in the cyberworld. Champ notices that the nasty messenger Gazonk has switched the direction arrows for the race, and she warns Twipsy. All the other messengers are running the wrong way - but Twipsy finds another, faster route.
06 11
From cyberspace to living space Das Karten-Chaos

(The Card Chaos)

Mr Neat and his Tidy Team think it's time they spruced up Cyberspace but the team gets some important cables and credit cards confused, and there's information chaos. Lissie's credit card number is attached by mistake to Internet orders from all over the world, and as a result all kinds of packages she never ordered are delivered to her home.
Dream on, Dr Walker! Träume sind Schäume

(Dreams are...)

Dr. Walker, Nick's mother, gets into the cyberworld by mistake and meets the depressed cyber-messenger Flit, who can't bear to be sending bad news around on the Net. Dr.Walker gives the melancholy messenger therapeutic treatment. When Albert fetches her back with the Print-o-Scan, she bumps her head, and decides that her "illusions" were all the result of this accident.
07 13
No, no, Know-it All! Das Superhirn

(The Mastermind)

Albert is too shy to tell his school friend Rachel that he's in love with her. When other children at school tease him, it's just too much - he goes into cyberspace to have an intellectual discussion with Know-It-All. But Know-It-All turns out to be just a silly windbag, showing off by providing any amount of unnecessary information. Disgruntled, Albert goes back to the real world, and Rachel ...
(About) 15 Minutes of Fame Der Sensationsreporter

(The Sensation Reporter)

Herbie, Albert's brother, tries his luck as a reporter of sensational news. He takes a photo of Twipsy and sells the story to Art Abrash, a disreputable TV producer. Reporters besiege the house, hoping for a sight of the famous "extraterrestrial". Lissie meets the TV producer and tells him the truth about the cyber-messenger Twipsy. Of course he doesn't believe a word of it, and cancels the show.
08 15
A Day in the Life of a Doll Frieda, die Göttliche

(Frieda the Divine)

A black day in cyberspace: Rumor Rumor and Miss Information think the world is coming to an end. Lissie suddenly appears in cyberspace - with her beloved doll Frieda. Rumor Rumor and Miss Information take Frieda for the goddess Opxerevonnahs, whose arrival they have been hoping for - they think she can save them from the end of the world. They steal the doll.
Twipsy Sees the Light Liebe, was ist das?

(Love, what is it?)

Twipsy falls in love for the first time in his life - with a light bulb. But it's a short-lived affair, because the light bulb breaks. Twipsy discovers the meaning of unrequited love, and suffers badly. Once he is over his grief, he realizes that there are still a great many interesting things in the real world, for instance "real" food - Twipsy's new passion...
09 17
Twipsy bellyhurt.jpeg
The Case of the Missing Pastry Die Futter-Falle

(The Feed Trap)

Twipsy is just crazy about food. But enough is enough, and he stuffs himself until he falls sick and has a temperature. He has to get back to cyberspace fast, because after a certain time in the real world he would turn into another form of energy. Making one last raid on the refrigerator, he falls into a mousetrap and can't get out. Nick, Lissie and Albert find him at the last moment ...
18 Bike Rides Der Fahrraddieb

(The Bike Thief)

Twipsy borrows Nick's new bike and takes it into cyberspace, to show it to his friends there. They have a great time with this strange mechanism - until the E-mail Snatchers come and steal the bike. Nick is beginning to wonder why Twipsy isn't back, and sets out into cyberspace himself ...
10 19 Mall Madness Gefangen im Cyberspace

(Trapped in Cyberspace)

Lissie is stuck in the cyberworld because the Print-o-Scan has broken. Twipsy can't help, since he has transported some stolen information for his friend Mosey without knowing it, and is now kicking his heels in cyber-jail. Mosey, always lazy, quite likes the idea of having a really good rest, and gets himself exchanged for Twipsy. But Albert has already found a substitute: chewing gum ...
20 Charming Champ Hypno, der Große

(Hypno the Great)

Hypno the Great bets Twipsy that he can make anyone computer-addicted, and he plans to try it on the first person mentioned in an e-mail. The victim happens to be Champ, the Walker family's decrepit old dog. Sure enough, Hypno wins his bet: Champ will do nothing but stare at the computer. Lissie asks Twipsy to help her turn Champ back into a normal dog again.
11 21 No Business like Slow Business Streik im Cyberspace

(Strike in Cyberspace)

The e-mail messengers are kicking up a fuss. They want better working conditions, time off, and a school. When the cyber-bosses refuse, the cyber-messengers go on strike. Twipsy tries to save the day, but time is short. On his travels in cyberspace Twipsy gets stuck in a kind of parking orbit. The Cyber Police won't let him through to see the other messengers.
22 The Unlawful Messenger Das Schwarze Loch

(The Black Hole)

Even cyberspace has its dangers: Lissie lands in a black hole when she is trying to transport data along the Information Highway. The only person who can help her is Twipsy. But he has gone off to Gameland to amuse himself ...
12 23
LissieTwipsy BlitzoClass.png
Bad Advice Lissie, das Cybergirl

(Lissie the Cybergirl)

Lissie acts as an agony aunt, Cybergirl, sending advice by e-mail, and mixes up two letters by mistake. She goes to see Twipsy in the cyberworld to put things right. Too late - Blitzo, head of the cyber-messengers' training school, is demonstrating the best way to communicate data just as the friends arrive, using Lissie's e-mails. Twipsy has to appeal to the E-mail Snatchers for help.
24 Flea Days Flohalarm

(Flea Alarm)

Nick, Lissie and Mr. Walker go on a camping expedition. The family dog Champ can't go with them because she has fleas. But by mistake Champ lands in cyberspace, where she spreads her fleas around to everyone, including the nasty Data Eater who has just stolen some information from Twipsy. Twipsy promises to get rid of the fleas, but only if he gets the stolen information back ...
13 25 Henry's toy talks back Das sprechende Spielzeug

(The talking toy)

Henry, the little boy next door, mistakes Twipsy for his stuffed toy mouse. Since Henry has lost his own "Googy", he takes Twipsy home. Nick and Lissie try to rescue Twipsy, but Henry won't give up his new Googy. Only when they find the original Googy can he at last be persuaded to give Twipsy back.
OutSpot LissieGameland.jpeg
Out, out spot Die unsichtbare Lissie

(Invisible Lissie)

On her way into cyberspace Lissie is only incompletely digitalized; her mother has interrupted the application by mistake. As a result, Lissie is invisible in cyberspace. That way she isn't noticed when she steals back the information previously snatched from Twipsy by the Data Eater. And it's very important information because it gives instructions for restoring incompletely digitalized data ...
14 27
Trouble LissieFamily.png
Looking for Trouble Trouble mit Trouble

(Trouble with Trouble)

Lissie has to look after the school guinea pig, Trouble, for the night. Trouble, the guinea pig escapes from his cage and really does get into cyberspace, where he creates confusion. Twipsy catches Trouble, brings him back to the real world, and leaves him in the classroom. Meanwhile Lissie has bought a new guinea pig looking just like Trouble...
28 A Fish out of Water Ein Fisch auf dem Trockenen

(A Fish Out of Water)

Twipsy has gone fishing, and he caught himself a friend, the trout Wanda. Meanwhile, he is wanted in cyberspace because his messenger license has run out. Twipsy takes Wanda back to the cyberworld with him, but it's soon obvious that cyberspace is definitely not the right environment for a fish called Wanda...
15 29 Grounded In der Falle

(In the trap)

Twipsy eats the delicious cookies Dr. Walker made specially for her club meeting. Suspecting Lissie, her mother grounds her. The furious Lissie beams herself and Twipsy into the cyberspace and off to the Cyber Mall. But when they want to come back, Lissie and Twipsy are in trouble, because neither of them remembered to pre-set the Print-o-Scan for their return journey ...
30 One Poem Coming Right Up! Die Blubberzone

(The Blabberzone)

Albert wants to write Rachel a romantic e-mail, but he isn't sure how to set about it. So he and Twipsy travel to the "Blabber Zone", where all kinds of e-mails assemble for collection. As soon as they arrive, however, the two friends are caught by Anti-Hackers and imprisoned. There's worse to come - Herbie takes advantage of his brother's absence to spread nasty, lying stories about Albert.
16 31 Disappearing Info Herbies Virus

(Herbie's Virus)

Herbie installs a virus on Albert's computer. It makes Twipsy lose some data he has to transport urgently. Fearing punishment by Information Control, Twipsy goes to see Albert in the real world, and they try to work out an anti-virus program together. They succeed! Twipsy recovers the lost data, and there's a surprise waiting for Albert ...
32 Herbie the Nice Ein Engel namens Herbie

(An Angel named Herbie)

Herbie is a real pain: when he lures Twipsy into a trap it's just too much. Herbie must mend his ways! Nick, Lissie and Twipsy persuade Hypno the Great to hypnotize Herbie by computer. Soon Herbie changes into the nicest brother in the world - in fact, he's much too nice for the liking of Nick, Lissie, Albert and Twipsy. They try to reverse the transformation ...
17 33
Twipsy NickEnquire.jpeg
Ouch! Information Hurts! Gute Nachrichten - schlechte Nachrichten

(Good news, Bad News)

Nick gets news by e-mail, saying he can't take part in the school soccer game. He has been training hard to be ready for the game, so he is very sad. Twipsy feels sorry for him, and begins wondering if the transfer of data and information is such a good thing after all, since human beings get hurt. He starts a rebellion in cyberspace: no one is to transport or distribute any more bad news.
34 Just Imagine... Alles nur Einbildung

(Everything just Imagination)

Lissie creates a great sensation when she takes Twipsy to school with her. There's tremendous excitement when her friends see the cyber-being for the first time. It is all too much for Twipsy. He disappears, goes for a stroll in the real world, and causes a good deal of confusion. Meanwhile Lissie is sent to see the school psychologist...
18 35 Hair care Groupie Nick

(Groupie Nick)

Nick is madly in love with the pop star Elsa Hair. The singer is all the teenagers' heart-throb, and famous for her enormous hairstyle. Nick sits down at the computer and writes her elaborate fan mail. He even enters a competition to win a meeting with Elsa Hair. With the aid of Twipsy and Lissie, Nick does win, but the meeting with his favorite star is a great disappointment ...
36 A Birthday Wish Twipsy zwischen den Welten

(Twipsy between Worlds)

On her birthday, Lissie's parents give her a new computer and printer. Twipsy likes this idea, and tries to discover the date of his own birth, so that he can have a birthday too. After researching in cyberspace, however, he has great difficulty getting back into the real world, - Twipsy is stuck between worlds, and no one knows how to rescue him - or do they?
19 37 Gone with the Wind Vom Winde verweht

(Gone with the Wind)

While Nick is playing tennis with the cyber-messengers in the cyberworld, a storm is raging in the real world. It causes a short-circuit that makes the lights in cyberspace go out. Now Nick has a problem: how can he get back to the real world in time for supper without any electric current?
38 Twipsy, the Pest Gefahr aus dem Netz

(Danger from the Network)

Nick, Lissie and Albert have discovered a new computer game, and are enthusiastically playing it. Twipsy beams himself into the computer game to attract his friends' attention. When Mr. Walker closes the family's Internet account, thus interrupting the game. But Lissie, Albert and Nick have seen on screen that Twipsy is being pursued, and is in great danger...
20 39 Wither weather Die Wettervorhersage

(Weather Forecast)

Gazonk and Flit are sorting out the weather news. Nasty Gazonk changes the data to say that there will be lovely sunshine instead of the hurricane that has been forecast. The Walkers decide to go camping because the weather prospects seem so good, and the storm takes them by surprise. Twipsy recognizes the danger, and informs the police by e-mail. All is saved at the last moment ...
40 The Bark is Worse than the Byte Party mit Pannen

(Party with Margins)

Lissie builds a website for Champ - or rather, it is built by Jack and Jill, the cyberspace online construction workers. Just for fun, they change the home page to say that all the pet owners in town are invited to a party at the Walkers' home. This is no laughing matter for Nick and Lissie's grandfather, who has come to visit, because he's allergic to animals. But Twipsy has a good idea...
21 41 Party! Party-Stress

(Party Stress)

The cyber-messengers are holding a party. Since all the cyber-people have to be there, no data can be transported - and that includes Albert's e-mail love letters to Rachel. He waits in vain for Rachel to reply, and decides that she doesn't care. Feeling frustrated, he goes off to cyberspace. He arrives just in time to get the cyber-messengers out of a hole...
42 Answers from Another Dimension (episode) Nick in Nöten

(Nick in Distress)

Nick's marks in school aren't too good, and he's threatened with being left out of the soccer team. Over in cyberspace Nick, Twipsy and Lissie find the answers to a test that will be set in school tomorrow, and the temptation is too much ... Nick takes the answers home. In the end Twipsy helps Nick out of his dilemma, although only indirectly ...
22 43 Beware the Storms Sturm im Cyberspace

(Storm in Cyberspace)

There's a violent storm in cyberspace, and Lissie has to stay in the Cyber Mall. Then, suddenly, everything's in confusion. The evil Data Eater is after Lissie, and Twipsy has to step in. The storm has a bad effect even in the real world: it's Technology Week in school, so the children's marks are being sent out by e-mail - and they get mixed up because of that wretched cyberspace storm ...
44 Do Re Mi... Be Quiet Die total verrückte Klavierstunde

(The Totally Crazy Piano Lesson)

Mr. Walker and Dr. Walker go on vacation for a few days. Mrs Turner the piano teacher is looking after Nick and Lissie while their parents are away. This is no fun for the two children, because Mrs. Turner spends most of her time playing scales. Only Twipsy, who is spellbound by the music, thinks it's great. He is so enthusiastic that he wants to play the piano himself...
23 45 Save the Planet Week Die Umweltwoche

(The Environment)

It's Environmental Awareness week at school, so Nick and Lissie try to save as much energy as possible. Twipsy, introduced to the subject of environmental pollution for the first time, is shocked by the results of wasting energy on earth. He immediately starts an energy-conservation program in cyberspace. However, his project has major effects on the whole of the Net.
46 Sick Day Verirrt im Cyberspace

(Lost in Cyberspace)

Albert is sick and has to stay in bed, or so his ever-anxious mother thinks, anyway. By now, however, Albert is feeling fine again, so he slips away and beams himself and Nick into cyberspace to go to a party. In their excitement, they take a short cut by mistake, and end up in the cyber-dump. They almost fall into the Obliterator, but Twipsy intervenes.
24 47 Albert the Superhero Albert der Superheld

(Albert the Superhero)

Albert's soccer team loses a game and it's all his fault. Albert feels so bad that he decides to stay in cyberspace for good, and lead a quiet, intellectual life there. But instead of the peace and quiet he's expecting, he finds himself in the middle of an exciting adventure: he has to protect Twipsy from the E-mail Snatchers and save him from the clutches of the dangerous Data Eater.
Truly Two-ly Twipsy Twipsy x 2
Little Henry hits a key on the computer so that Twipsy gets duplicated during data transfer from the real world to the cyberworld. Unknown to Twipsy, his double is a trouble maker, and the other messengers think Twipsy himself up to no good. But the trouble really starts when Twipsy 1 and Twipsy 2 meet in cyber-jail. Because in the real world, Henry is busy at the computer again ...
25 49 Your Wonderful Present Die große Verwechslung

(The Great Confusion)

Nick orders a pair of hockey pads on the Internet, but they never arrive. Jack and Jill, the website online construction workers, are so bored they have mixed up several orders, creating confusion in the real world. A new car is suddenly delivered to Dr. Walker instead of the ring she was to have had for her wedding anniversary. Twipsy sorts out the chaos and gets the orders straight.
MissInfo GrabTwipsy.png
Love Conquers None Nur die Liebe zählt

(You Need is Love)

Love conquers all, even in cyberspace: Miss Information is only too keen on reading other people's e-mail love letters, and she falls madly in love with Twipsy herself. In the end Lissie has to travel into cyberspace to save poor Twipsy from a very awkward situation - just as Lissie arrives, Miss Information is pressing him to marry her! But Lissie introduces herself as Twipsy's wife ...
26 51
Twipsy-fossilrun e52.jpeg
Relic Wanted Fossil verloren!

(Lost fossil!)

Albert plans to make a great impression at a Science Fair with a fossil. He gives Twipsy his rare fossil, asking him to find out more about it. Twipsy discovers the wanted information in cyberspace, but loses the original fossil in a wild chase when he is pursued by the hungry Data Eater. Twipsy returns to the real world - with the information, but no fossil.
MrsBarkhorn Visitors.png
House for Sale Ich will hier nicht weg!

(I do not want to leave!)

Mrs Barkhorn plans to sell her house and move away, much to the chagrin of Albert and the delight of Herbie. Albert and Twipsy try to persuade potential buyers that the house is in a very bad state of repair. They set mousetraps, make the air smell horrible with moldy cheese, and leave the tap dripping. At first the buyers don't seem impressed...
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