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Kleine Helden: Little Heroes is a art book documenting the 17 entrants for the Expo 2000 mascot selection competition. Each chapter corresponds to the entering artist and the mascot entered in the contest.[2]

List of Entrants[]

The 17 entrants documented in the book were as follows:

  • Javier Mariscal (winning entry)
  • Pierre Clement
  • Stefano Giovannoni
  • David Kirk
  • El Gato
  • Dadara
  • Benoit Jaques
  • Bernd Pfarr
  • Chris Riddel
  • Carlos Grangel
  • Francesca Ghermandi
  • Hendrik Dorgathen
  • Jotto
  • Katsushiko Hibino
  • Everett Peck
  • Massimo Glacon
  • Lillian Mousli

The Voting Process and Jury[]

During the events of the mascot competition, the international jury in charge of the mascot competition each delivered a vote. Of the six votes from the expert jury, there was a seventh vote derived from the public ballot.

List of the Jury[]

  • Gert Dumbar, Dutch graphic designer
  • April Greiman, Los Angeles graphic design
  • Thomas Haffa, head of EM Entertainment, Munich
  • Alessandro Mendini, Milano architect and designer
  • Beat Nägeli, Manager of the KNSK, BBDO advertising agency, Hamburg
  • A. R. Penck, German paint artist

Public Vote[]

Before the jurors submitted their votes, people in the Hannover area had the opportunity to vote for the designs submitted in the competition. The EXPO corporation organised this poll with Hannover daily newspaper, the Neue Presse. The 17 proposed mascots were printed without any kind of reference to the designers, to make sure the vote wasn’t heavily influenced. The results for the public vote, from 20,000 approximate ballots, were as follows:

  • Stefano Giovannoni’s Turtle (29%, 5159 voted)
  • Pierre Clement, Doo and Mil the twins (17.5%, 3394 voted)
  • Chris Riddel’s mouse (10.5%, 2021 voted)

Surprisingly, only 172 votes, or just 1% of the public vote, had gone to Javier Mariscal’s entry.

Jurors’ Vote[]

The jurors narrowed down their three choices to the following three entrants:

  • Javier Mariscal’s dynamic creature
  • El Gato’s blue emblem
  • Stefano Giovannoni’s Turtle

Having finalised their decision, factors involved the message behind the mascot (Mariscal’s entry focused on evolution and adaptation), as well as merchandisability (for instance, Giovanonni’s Turtle would have difficulty having a TV cartoon series after him, due to the rival Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being hard to outcompete).

The overall winning vote went to Javier Mariscal, and following later years, after being given the name from Manfred, Gotta, would soon be known as Twipsy.




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