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Hello, real world, why'd do you have to be so wet? is the third 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.


Nick, Lissie and Albert introduce Twipsy to the real world. The children are surprised to find how little Twipsy knows about it - even rain amazes him. Because of Twipsy's homesickness clever Albert has a bright idea: he builds a special scanner so Twipsy is delighted to get back to his cyberworld. [1]


Spoiler Alert!

This is a detailed explanation of the episode as it follows. If you have not seen the episode as of yet, we advise you to tread carefully.

Continuing shortly after the course of events in the prior episode, Nick and Lissie introduce Twipsy to the real world, starting with their home street. All goes well until it started raining, much to Twipsy's shock and surprise.

Meanwhile, both Stan and Dr Walker are at the veterinary office during a checkup on the family dog, Champ. The veterinarian has done a series of tests and has come to the conclusion that Champ is suffering from a severe bout of depression. Although Dr Walker offers to cheer her up, the veterinarian warns that Champ's recovery may not be so simple as that, and cites that as Champ is an important family member, the couple should emphasise her sense of purpose, even finding a job for her (to boost morale).

On a jovial note, the youth continue introducing the perks of the real world to their new friend... Nick shows Twipsy how to skateboard – initially, Twipsy finds the idea of travelling on wheels peculiar, but soon enjoys his first test ride. Lissie and the group later tour the city zoo, and introduce Twipsy to the many animals – most of which baffle him. Albert also makes an offer to introduce Twipsy to his computer back at his place – of course, Twipsy doesn't understand (even questioning what dimension Albert may have presumably came from), but accidentally hurts his feelings.

Dejected, back at Nick's room in the Walkers' household, Twipsy attempts to find his way home to cyberspace, by unsuccessfully trying to enter through the computer monitor. Downstairs, while Dr. Walker tries to uplift Champ with a simple small game of a rubber ball, Stan is browsing the 'help wanted' section to boost Champ's morale. Just as Dr. Walker suspects the sound of thumping in Nick's room, Champ inexplicably gets up and wanders upstairs to investigate.

Of course, Nick and Lissie catch up with Albert, who is working on his computer software program to send Twipsy home. So far, his efforts are only partially completed, and even worse, Albert worries that Twipsy doesn't understand him, just as he was going to become friends with him (as they both like information and the technical side of things).

Just as Twipsy's efforts of trying to return to cyberspace through the computer workstation end up in vain, he gets the attention of Champ, the family dog. She becomes very interested, so much so, she gives him an affectionate lick to the cheek, and even chases him out to the yard. This garners the surprised interest of Dr. Walker, amazed that the new "wind up toy" helped Champ back to her energetic self again.

Much later, after the ordeal, Albert finalises the finishing touches on the new teleporter, the Print-o-Scan, to hopefully send Twipsy back home. Of course, Twipsy finally professes how he would come to miss the joys of the real world, especially the "dirty piece of fur" that is Champ. He cites that where he comes from, nobody deals with relationships much in an all-work environment. However, his reasons for returning home is because he is a cybermessenger, and he belongs in cyberspace carrying information... and to his surprise, he cries for the first time. After some final exchanges, Albert initiates the Print-o-Scan's initial launch, and Twipsy finally returns home. The only problem is, Champ's sudden disappearance starts to raise questions.

Notable Quotes[]


Nick: (in reference to their street) That's where the Stuarts live, the Johnsons, and across the street...

Twipsy: Give me a break, will you? I can read the phone book myself!

Nick: (in reference to Albert) He lives next door. He's kind of a computer geek.

Twipsy: You have something against computers?!

Nick: Just that they're boring and all about numbers and... (To Lissie) what do you call them?

Lissie: Words.

Twipsy: (in reference to rain) What's happening?! Everywhere it's wet! Yuk! >.<

Nick: It's just rain.

Twipsy: Rain?! What a terrible idea! So watery! So far, the real world is nothing to email home about!

Veterinarian: Champ has no joie de vivre. She feels there is no meaning to anything anymore, she has lost her will to live. She is without hope.

Stan: Now you're making me depressed.

Nick: I bet you don't have anything like this in cyberspace!

Twipsy: Why would we?! We can travel a mega-jillion times faster than that without the help of (mockingly) wheels!

Nick: But it's fun!

Twipsy: (confused) Fun?! What is the point of fun?

Albert: Be careful, though. You don't want to break your... thing.

Twipsy: Arm.

Stan: Whoa, my goodness! Nick, and Lissie, and Albert on top of a puppet?!

Dr. Walker: Stan, I already have a depressed dog. I don't need a crazy husband, too!

(in reference to the numerous animals)

Twipsy: (in reference to the giraffes) Their neck is too long!

(...and the elephants) Their nose should be shorter... and can he lose a little weight?!

(...and the roaring lions) Keep it down, animal!

(...and the peacock) Showoff!

Albert: Twipsy and I prefer machines to animals. Wanna go to my house and see my file transfer protocol?

Twipsy: (offended) Nick, who is this guy? What dimension did he come from?

Nick: (after making comparisons between the zoo toucan and the cybermessenger) No offense, Twipsy, you remind me of an animal.

Twipsy: If I had feelings, you would have hurt them.

Dr. Walker: Stan, do you hear thumping in Nick's room?

Stan: Uh, no, and I was the crazy one.

(earlier in the episode, the thumping is actually Twipsy trying to get back to cyberspace, by colliding with the computer monitor)

Twipsy: (bothered by Champ's appearance) Annoying beast! Put me down, dog! Go away! Who do you think I am?!
Dr. Walker: (after observing Twipsy being chased by Champ against his wishes) Amazing! She's a new dog!'

Stan: Like a puppy, ever since she got that new wind up toy!

Dr. Walker: Did the kids give that to her?

Stan: I think so, I think they got it from the exchange student.


Albert: I did [try to solve a problem returning Twipsy to cyberspace]. I came up with software, I invented an electromagnetic transconductor supercollider, which forces him into another dimension. I posted a query on the Internet (he he)... nothing worked. :(
Albert: (demonstrating the newly set-up Print-o-Scan) I figured that scanners are the only way to get something into a computer, and printers are the only way to get things out! So, by combining the two machines, and a few extra touches, I created the Print-o-Scan! And if all goes well, when I turn this thing on, it will perform data entry, digitalise Twipsy, and then input him into cyberspace! Understood?

Nick: Uh, yeah, sort of... no.

Twipsy: Who would have thought I would come to miss a dirty old piece of fur like Champ.

Turns out, it's nice to help someone... where I come from, it's all business, we don't bother with relationships much.

Nick: Why do you have to go anyway?

Twipsy: Because... I'm a cybermessenger, and I... I belong in cyberspace... #sniff ...carrying information. #sniff Bah, I can't believe I'm crying... an old, non-emotional piece of energy like me. Nick, Lissie, thankyou for showing me around your world. It's not such a bad place, when you know the right dog, and people... :'(


  • The episode is titled as is due to Twipsy's startled reaction with his first encounter with rain in the real world. It also is a spin on the phrase, "Hello, world!" used in beginner programming lessons.
  • Some of the animals in the zoo scene have features synonymous to Mariscal's signature art style, specifically the giraffes.
  • In the books, Email mit Folgen (Email with Problems) and Einmal Cyberspace und Zurück (Round Trip to Cyberspace), where the episode is featured, there was a missing scene before the start of the episode, which furthers Twipsy's interaction of the real world.


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