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Gazonk is one of the cybermessengers who shuttle data across the World Wide Web. He is the brasher and competitive counterpart compared to Twipsy, whose ambition is to potentially find Twipsy's weak spots, and take his job as ultimate cybermessenger in the network.



Gazonk is a stocky built messenger, donning a round black and red helmet over his eyes, a dark chin and a squared off turquoise nose. His body is banded with a white x and a red diamond overlapping, and he has two blue arms - his right arm half white and with a red glove, and his left arm half covered with a gold glove.


Gazonk can be a practical trickster, even with the help of the Data Eater on his temporary side

Despite being neutral to the cybermessengers and dedicated to his job, Gazonk is competitive at times, even plotting practical jokes against Twipsy out of enjoyment. He is, in short, a mischievous bully in some aspects, as evidenced by switching the signs in Messengers Mess Up, and by switching the weather information in Wither Weather in defiance of Flit's advice.

His personality of power-hunger is in full view, with his ambition of taking Twipsy's job as ultimate cybermessenger by any means possible. However, he is accountable for his actions, but he is very quick to return to his plotting ways.


  • In Out, Out Spot!, we learn that Gazonk is heavily built, as he demonstrates his trick to the other cybermessengers - falling off his seat, rebounding and landing back on it in one shot - in response to Twipsy's ability to fly from winding his right arm like helicopter blades.
  • Gazonk apparently is coincidentally named after the German word for gift, Geschenk.
  • On comparison to the other cybermessengers, Gazonk appears to be much more stylistically different in appearance. There is no disclosed knowledge of why.
  • Early designs, especially the maquette models, show Ga-zonk bearing one red eye. Ga-zonk was shown with a pale orange eye in The Unlawful Messenger.

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Names in Other Languages[]

  • Korean: 개종크 (Gae jonkeu)
  • Polish: Ga-Zonik (only in Bad Advice)
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