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Flea Days is the twenty-fourth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.


Nick, Lissie and Mr. Walker go on a camping expedition. The family dog Champ can't go with them because she has fleas. But by mistake Champ lands in cyberspace, where she spreads her fleas around to everyone, including the nasty Data Eater who has just stolen some information from Twipsy. Twipsy promises to get rid of the fleas, but only if he gets the stolen information back...[1]


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This is a detailed explanation of the episode as it follows. If you have not seen the episode as of yet, we advise you to tread carefully.


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Twipsy meets Zeeto, the new cybermessenger who recently graduated from cybermessenger school, at the Info Belt, and they become fast friends. Twipsy becomes a mentor to Zeeto, explaining many aspects of the job to the younger cybermessenger. He also warns Zeeto about the many hazards of navigating through cyberspace with deliveries in hand, especially when being confronted with the dreaded Data Eater. Too late, the Data Eater has found them, and decides to pursue the frightened duo throughout the corridors between the nodes.

In the real world, as Champ suffers from a recent bout of flea infestation, Dr. Walker is busy preparing flea treatment powder to brush onto Champ - however, as any dog would do, Champ immediately becomes worried, and darts off towards the rest of the house, eventually spreading her fleas with it. No matter how many times Dr. Walker tries to persuade Champ to accept the treatment or receive a bath to expel the fleas, Champ refuses, even deciding to hide from Dr. Walker. Champ seeks refuge in Nick's bedroom, and even with Dr. Walker trying to call her downstairs, Champ refuses to leave - she ends up itching and spreading her fleas around Nick's room, when she bumps into the TV cabinet, causing it to wheel back into the desk, knocking over some objects, and inadvertently activating the Print-o-Scan's activation program, thus launching Champ - and all of her fleas - into cyberspace.

Back in cyberspace, Twipsy and Zeeto are still ahead in the chase, however, Zeeto trips over one of the node's underlying cables, and already exhausted from the chase, he is unable to escape. Despite Zeeto suggesting that Twipsy save himself, Twipsy refuses to leave his side, even when the Data Eater is hot on their trail. Too soon, he snatches the package from Twipsy's hands.

In the real world, however, Dr. Walker has contacted the police, and cites that their dog Champ has gone missing. While the officers search for Champ, even the officers have contracted some of Champ's fleas as well. The spread of the flea infestation has become apparent, especially as Dr. Walker invites the officers in the home as well, and offers them some flea treatment to quell the infestation off their backs.

The situation in cyberspace, however, an argument breaks over between the dreaded Email Snatchers, as they fight for a recently stolen e-mail message. But oblivious to them, cyberspace has fallen in their favour due to Champ's fleas - Mr Neat and his tidy team has fallen victim to the flea infestation thanks to Champ's unexpected visit. Further down the highways, as Twipsy and Zeeto discuss ways of confronting the Data Eater and getting back their data, they meet Champ by the side of the highway. Just as Twipsy asks Champ what is the matter, a rather triumphant Data Eater has tracked them down, praising the recent flea infestation for his apparent advantage. Of course, Champ's fleas finally get to him, and he ends up itching in defeat.

After Stan Walker and the kids Nick and Lissie arrive home from the camping expedition, they greet Dr. Walker and Champ, finally flea free. They thank Dr. Walker for looking after Champ, and treating her fleas.

Fortunately, as the flea infestation has finally ended in cyberspace, Twipsy and Zeeto have finally retrieved their prized data delivery, and Zeeto is confident that he will be a great cybermessenger in Twipsy's (albeit asymmetric) footsteps. As for the fleas, however, Twipsy fortunately has a can of flea control spray on hand, the next time another flea outbreak comes around!



  • Twipsy breaks the fourth wall in the scene where he explains the reason why he didn't get fleas: he is equipped with flea repellent spray.


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