The Data Eater is the dominant antagonist of Twipsy, who tends to chase messengers for data packets, in which he sees as delicious snacks.

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He is a large, armoured beetle-like creature, with short bladed arms, a black visor with orange eyes and a long snout similar to that of an anteater's. [1]

Appearances Edit

While the Data Eater appears in numerous episodes, there are some that describe his struggles as well as his near triumphs.

Datenfresser cyberspace
  • His first appearance is in How it Happened, in which he is introduced as the data-hungry predator, chasing cybermessengers and robbing them of their data packages.
  • In Albert the Superhero, in which he comes down with an upset stomach from consuming bad data
  • In Relic Wanted, in which he finally snatches Albert's fossil from Twipsy, and attempts to consume it himself - he suffers from a belly ache later.

Other Languages Edit

Language Pronounciation Translation Voiced By
Finnish Datasyöppö
Korean 사이버 괴물 (saibeo goemul) Cyber Monster 김호성 (Kim Ho Sung)
German Datenfresser Dataeater
Spanish Destruyedatos Data Destroyer


  1. Hannover-Postkarten. 1999. Data Eater - EXPO 2000 Postcard [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 27 March 15].
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