Anything for a Papaya Smoothie is the eighth 11 minute episode of the animated series, Twipsy.

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Synopsis Edit

Twipsy needs plenty of money to buy papaya smoothies, his favorite drink. He thinks up a good way to get it - if other people will pay him, he'll do their work for them. The idea pays off, and soon he's busy counting his money. But there's a drawback: Twipsy's friends are cross - he is working so hard he has no time left for them ...[1]

Observations Edit

Twipsy0108 FourthWallClean
Twipsy 0129-FridgeNomNom

I ate something!

As a running gag, Twipsy ate something interesting in this episode, see Observations down the list for details.
  • During one scene where Twipsy manages the housework, he breaks the fourth wall by polishing the view on screen.
  • With regards to his inexperience with real world food, Twipsy actually ate the glass after consuming the whole drink


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