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• 1/7/2018

Incorrect Quotes

Unlikely quotes that could be said from any character, but obviously don’t come form the show. And yes it can be funny.

Keep most quotes SFW please.
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• 10/24/2017

Cybermessenger Lineage

Some people also wonder how Come certain Cybermessengers, such as Ga-Zonk and Twipsy, look surprisingly different and distinct from another. What sorts of origins do such Cybermessengers have, and how related to each other are they to most?
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• 10/24/2017

Afterlife Theory (Discuss a Theory)

Note: If you have a question itching at the back of your head regarding both universes (the Real World And cyberspace), you’re welcome to pitch in. Whether it’s something mind blowing or just something little, don’t be afraid to say it!
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• 10/23/2017

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• 8/12/2017

Things that can wind up General Blitzo in seconds

In this message board, lets discuss some humorous ways to wind up General Blitzo, just for giggles.
I'll need an extra potent extra caffeinated energy shake and twenty minutes for it to kick in.
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• 8/16/2015

Written and Visual Jokes

"Anywhere in cyberspace, us cybermessengers are not the only ones populating the network. There are so many others - some good, some bad, but sometimes they are very helpful to us.
Take Miss Information, for intance.
No, really, take her!"
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